Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Brunch, people. It's where it's at.

My theory is that brunch was basically invented by hobbits (what else do you call second breakfast?) which is really all the endorsement you need. After all, other than being the absolute best fantasy species to destroy evil magic rings forged in Mordor, what else do hobbits do well? They enjoy themselves.And brunch, more than any other meal is about enjoyment.

Breakfast is often utilitarian - a fuel-grabbing, time-boxed, perfunctory affair. And dinner groans under the weight of expectation - think exhausting competitive dinner parties or romantic meals a deux in which both parties are too constrained by first date nerves to smush their faces into their Camembert like they really want to. Even lunch has been more or less co-opted by either work (ah business lunches - a clever way for your boss to get you to work through your break) or family. (And whilst most of us love our families, the fact that every year literally hundreds of column inches are devoted to advising people on how to make it through eating Christmas lunch with theirs tells you all you need to know about how relaxing a family lunch really is.)

Brunch on the other hand is most often enjoyed with friends. It's OK to be hungover at brunch. It's OK to sit in companionable silence, drinking coffee and reading your book and basically not having to talk to anyone at all unless you fancy it. It's OK to be raucous and jovial too though because there are very few rules. You can order two courses (more on the joy of 'breakfast pudding' later on) or multiple sides or swap your fried eggs for poached eggs or black pudding or a plate of gleaming avocado.

It's not just the food though. The best brunches exist within a sacred bubble of contemplation. That soft, Sunday morning space when the world slows and shafts of sunlight drift through pub windows and your head begins to clear from the fog of sleep. I love it. I really do.

And that's why I spend more of my time (and money) than is strictly sensible, seeking out the best brunch experiences across Gloucestershire and beyond. Mostly with my husband, often with a variety of the lovely weirdos we like to call our friends.Occasionally, and controversially, even on my own.

So now, I'm going to write about it all too.

And hey, if nothing else, this whole blog is basically an excuse to use the 'Kate on toast' pun that the tall, blond one and I thought up during one lazy autumn brunch appropriately enough...

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